Too Much of a Person - Amandeep D


Growing up in an Asian society women are there to be seen and not heard, especially children, girls. And so, I was quite argumentative. I was trying to stand up for my sisters and highlight injustices when we were being treated differently to a boy in our family and was told I was too argumentative. My brain couldn't compute with that too argumentative, when my intent was coming from a good place. I was only making a noise to be heard rather than to cause trouble. It made me feel really quite small and guilty. I've heard I'm too argumentative my whole life from my family. It was something I battled with for a long time because I felt bad for being able to raise issues so instead of thinking it was a healthy thing it was seen as a bad thing and I felt really guilty and I always tried to make my views go away and hide that part of myself.

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