"The point is not for women simply to take power out of men’s hands, since that wouldn’t change anything about the world. It’s a question precisely of destroying that notion of power."
- Simone De Beavoir

Happy International Women’s Day!

We want revolution and not to be placated with cupcakes and capitalist sponsors selling us “feel-good feminism, that encourages women to invest in their aspirations, be empowered and ‘lean in’” (Catherine Rottenberg, author of The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism).

Palatable and marketable feminism is non-threatening and “it doesn’t address the devastation wrought by capitalism, misogyny and sexism” (Catherine Rottenberg, as above).

So what do we want?

At Too Much of a Person we asked 100 womxn and non-binary people in our interviews what a better world would look like, because once we have burnt down the patriarchy, what kind of world do we want to build from the ashes?

Here is what our Too Much of a Person participants hope for:

"I hope there is an alternate universe where I can walk around at night..."
- Adina
"Labels are for bottles, not for people. You don’t need to have this society where everything is about how we look and who we are."
- Jenny
"I would love to be in a world where everyone embraces how different they are."
- Ella J
"If I could change the world tomorrow, I would find a way to make sure that we were empathetic to each other"
- Amina
"If I could change the world… I would want people to be more compassionate to themselves and more compassionate to others"
- Molly
I think it’s important to have difficult conversations about race, religion, gender and learn from each other and learn from the differences.
- Danielle

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