Too Much of a Person - Too Much

Too Much

Smile…but not that much
You’re sending the wrong message
Show off your curves…that’s too much!
You don’t want to give the wrong image…

Be strong and independent!
But not so much your partner becomes redundant
Be vocal and open minded
But not too much in case they think you’re opinionated

Be poised and elegant
But just enough…
Because being too much
Would make you arrogant

Have some food, you’re too thin!
Not that much, you’ll get a double chin…
Go talk to guys, don’t be a nun!
But not too many…they’ll call you wanton

Enough is enough
And ‘Too Much’ is too much
Yes, I was born woman
But I am first of all human

The truth is there is too much of me
That you have yet to discover and see
But if you put your fear and your pride aside
You will realise that there is no part of me you’d ever want to hide

Aditi Boolell is finding her momentum between extremes

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